Help! My face keeps moving in the opposite direction & it won’t get up!

It wasn’t until recently that I had the ultimate experience of realizing gravity was taking over and it wasn’t letting go!  I try to take care of myself and take a yoga class every week. Until recently I hadn’t noticed anything different. It wasn’t until this past class that I had to look twice at […]

O-Shot® Certified Provider

O-Shot® Procedure in Tacoma, Puyallup & South Hill, WA The O-Shot® rejuvenates the female organ to aid in achieving treatment for vaginal dryness, stress incontinence and orgasm – especially after undergoing the most unpleasant side effects of aging, dryness, zero sex drive, no orgasm, no nothing. Apparently, it can do just that! Move over Viagra, […]

Eyebrows Your Friends Will Envy…

Summer is here and nothing is worse than having your face melt away right before your eyes.  Did you know your brows are the framework to your eyes, one of the most noticeable features of your face?  This is why I continue to struggle with finding that “perfect” look. This past week, I went into […]


Dr. Ladie Araña-Domondon has been entrusted with the health care needs of the Puyallup-South Sound community for 20 years and has become one of the most trusted and respected physicians in Washington. She and her team believe in empowering patients to live their best lives by offering primary care based on trust, meaningful communication and […]

Anti-Aging secrets: The basics

Exfoliate regularly. One of the most important parts of our popular  “Signature Clinical Facial”  is the exfoliation step which removes dead, dull skin to reveal the glowing , healthy skin that’s underneath. Exfoliation has been practiced since ancient times and is one of the most important ways to keep your skin healthy and youthful.  It is important […]

Ultherapy®| Best Ultherapy Treatments in Tacoma | Treatment Options

DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE. Are you experiencing a little looseness in your skin? Don’t wait too long.  If you are younger but want to “stay ahead of the game” with skin tightening, the earlier the better. Clients come to our practice in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and as long as you have […]

Skin Better Science | Skincare Treatments Puyallup | Tacoma

  QUOTE FROM ALLURE MAGAZINE: “WHY WE LIKE IT: An effective anti-aging regimen should tackle several skin problems at once. The problem is, you can’t squeeze the best skin-care ingredients—like retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids—into one bottle without causing a chemical reaction or serious irritation. Until now. Researchers at Skin Better Science have figured out […]


COSMETIC NON-INVASIVE TRENDS in 2017…Get your Revenge look without Surgery!! Every advancement in science brings newer and better anti-aging techniques and a host of health and beauty trends the marketplace. What beauty treatment is best for you or can enhance your good looks and possibly reverse the effects of aging and environmental damage can be […]

PRP skin collagen rejuvenation

An all-time favorite in skin rejuvenation is the PRP (Platelet rich plasma) treatment. This procedure results in brighter, smoother, tighter and younger-looking skin. We obtain PRP from your own blood and process this sample in a centrifuge in order to extract platelets which are rich in natural skin growth factors. The PRP is then placed […]

FACIAL | Puyallup | Tacoma

COUNTER THE WINTER EFFECTS ON YOUR SKIN WITH A CUSTOMIZED SIGNATURE FACIAL Even the environment indoors can wreak havoc on your skin, especially at work.  If you are not fully ready to indulge in invasive procedures, there are other options to improve the look, texture and appearance of your skin.  Facials can offer you a […]