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Chemical Peels Puyallup

Acquiring soft skin is no longer a mystery. As we age, the dead cells on the surface of the skin increase naturally causing the skin to become dull or lose its youthful texture. Fortunately, there are noninvasive ways to help you overcome the loss of self-confidence in your skin. Chemical peels are a great solution for retrieving the skin and getting rid of the dead cells. This treatment does not involve “peeling” the skin rather it smoothens the skin by removing the dead cells.

At Concordia Star Medical Spa in Puyallup, WA, our medical-grade chemical peels use a variety of natural extracts and products to remove the outermost layer of the skin. Kathy, our master aesthetician, will pick the right special formulation to rejuvenate your skin complexion. This process will help to keep your skin’s healthy glow. Our chemical peels are all from natural products. This will soften fine lines and smoothen your complexion.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatments?

Based on the strength of the treatment, you can experience a mixture of the following benefits from your session at Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics:

  • Balanced and neutral complexion
  • Reduction of pores and other skin irregularities
  • Hydrated, revived skin feel
  • Decrease in dynamic lines and aging marks

What are Chemical Peel Treatments?

At our Puyallup med spa, chemical peels can get rid of the damaged skin caused by free radicals, age, smoking, and more. Young skin can replace the top layer frequently; however, as we age, the cell’s turnover slows down accelerating the development of deeper wrinkles and ashy or flaky skin layers. Therefore, through chemical peels, we treat signs of aging and replace the dead skin cells with fresh ones for rejuvenation.

Chemical peels utilize the chemical solution to exfoliate and replace the top layer of the skin. Additionally, to maintain skin health, it is important to take advantage of chemical peels. Chemical peels treat most skin types and help you obtain smooth and glowing skin.

Common concerns that are treated with chemical peels include:

  • Tone
  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Breakouts
  • Dark spots

What is the Treatment with Chemical Peels Like?

Before your chemical peel treatment at our Puyallup med spa, we will carry out a consultation to develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Our providers will assess your needs before the treatment day. Since there are different types of chemical peel treatments based on their specific depth, such as medium peel, deep peel, etc., our experienced professionals will decide which treatment type can deliver optimum results.

On the day of your treatment, the specific chemical peel solution will be applied to your skin as our experts monitor the process. Once the treatment is over, there is no downtime. Therefore, you can continue with your daily activities. At Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics, our professionals will make sure that the treatment goes smoothly with minimal to no discomfort for gratifying experience and results. Moreover, the side effects of chemical peels are minimal but may include mild redness, burning, stinging, or tingling. These are common side effects and are generally resolved shortly after the treatment.

What are the Results like with Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels in Puyallup can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and facial folds and improve the skin imperfections such as dull skin tone, texture, and scarring. However, most patients report seeing the best results after the side effects have had a chance to subside. At Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics, our experienced aestheticians can deliver natural-looking results for your skin.

You will see the full benefits of chemical peels if you continue with additional treatments. Therefore, you must follow up with us at our Puyallup med spa for follow-up treatments to maintain optimal results. It is recommended to receive six to ten treatments, but this depends on your treatment plan as it may vary depending on your skin. If you would like to maintain optimal results, it is important to administer proper skincare by following our pre-and post-care instructions.

Chemical Peels FAQ

How much does a chemical peel cost?
Dr. Araña-Domondon can talk about your costs during your consultation once she has decided on your personalized treatment plan. The price of a chemical peel can vary based on the level you select. Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics accepts many payment methods, and you can ask about current specials on skin treatments like chemical peels. Buying a package with several chemical peel treatments can also help you save money.

Will my face hurt after a chemical peel?
Depending on the formula selected, you may feel mild discomfort during the application process. If you choose a light peel, you will probably notice a little discomfort; however, it goes away quickly with a small fan. Medium and deep peels are better for deeper issues and offer results that last a long time, but they usually cause greater discomfort. Topical anesthetics, skin medications, and ointments may be used to help you feel more comfortable during your treatment. Dr. Araña-Domondon or a member of her team will talk to you about post-treatment skin care to maintain your results.

Can I combine a chemical peel with other treatments?
You may consider combining a chemical peel with another skin treatment at Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics. During your consultation, be honest with Dr. Araña-Domondon about your skin and cosmetic concerns so she can develop a unique treatment plan that delivers your best results. Your plan might include adding injectable wrinkle treatments (like BOTOX® or JUVÉDERM®) along with your chemical peel to rejuvenate your entire face.

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Chemical peels are skin resurfacing treatments that can make the skin grow back and regain youthfulness. Our chemical peels in Puyallup, WA are perfect for all skin types. You can expect a quick recovery and no downtime with our chemical peel treatments.

Come and visit Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics in Puyallup, WA, as we offer chemical peels as a solution to a rejuvenation of your skin through non-invasive treatments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding chemical peels or any other treatments at Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics, give us a call today to make an appointment for your consultation. Your skin rejuvenation and regain of confidence are what we thrive on!

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