What Are The Different Types of Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair restoration is a treatment approved by the FDA to decrease hair loss. The proteins in the platelets, which are taken from your body to minimize the chances of rejection, activate dormant hair follicles, promote the growth of new scalp tissue and blood vessels, and stop any inflammatory processes that may be causing hair loss. PRP injections are also virtually certain to have a high concentration of live platelets, as the injection is done immediately following the centrifugation process. This procedure involves minimal to no downtime whatsoever, and minimal, if any, side effects. Patients may experience some redness at the injection site, mild headaches, and pinpoint bleeding. However, any side effects that do occur typically subside within a few hours to days after treatment.


Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair restoration is closest to what most people would consider “traditional” hair restoration. Stem cells are either harvested from the patient’s own fat cells and injected into the scalp (a process known as “autologous hair restoration”), or obtained from a vendor that manufactures stem cells and is injected into the scalp (a process known as “non-autologous hair restoration”).

You should see new hair growth about a month following the injection, and the treatment peaks in roughly 4 to 6 months. The process takes about an hour and a half, and the patient can go home that day without any problems. Stem cell transplants have been shown to be effective in treating both male and female pattern baldness, as well as cicatricial alopecia, a condition where the hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.

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