Common Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing can be time-consuming, ineffective, and even painful. Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments across the country as it gives you permanently smooth skin that lasts, without upkeep. There are numerous questions when it comes to the laser hair removal process, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 most commonly asked questions.


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?


Laser hair removal is a safe and effective solution for permanent hair removal. It is also a minimally invasive procedure that has little to no side effects and no downtime whatsoever. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. It beams highly concentrated light into your hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorb the light and that destroys the hair. You can expect to resume your normal daily activities immediately following your session.



How Many Treatments Do I Need?


Laser hair removal works by targeting hair in its active growth stage, so in most cases, multiple sessions are necessary in order to treat all of the follicles in the target area. As not all hair follicles will be actively growing at exactly the same time, most patients can expect between 5 and 10 treatments. Treatments are scheduled based on the average length of hair growth cycles, which is usually once every 8-10 weeks.



What is the Procedure & Does It Hurt?


The treatment itself is essentially painless. During the process, pulses of light are applied to the selected treatment area. The area is watched to ensure the treatment is working and that your skin is responding well. Following the treatment, you may be provided with ice packs or with anti-inflammatory lotions to ease any irritation. Each hair follicle is focused on for a millisecond, so a small area (like the armpits) will take less than five minutes to complete, while a larger area (such as the legs) might take thirty or more minutes. You may feel a slight discomfort but it only stings for that millisecond that the laser is targeting the hair follicle. By the time, your treatment is complete, you won’t be feeling anything by the time you leave!



What Areas can be Treated & Will it Work on my Skin Type and Hair color?


Laser hair removal can reduce unwanted hair from almost anywhere on your body. Popular areas include the upper lip, hands, feet, bikini area, or back, legs, and arms. The only area that is not recommended is the eyebrow area because of the proximity to your eyes. Thanks to advancements in laser technology, laser hair removal can now work on all skin tones and hair types.



When will I see Results?


Most people notice significant results following a treatment, but final results won’t appear until you’ve completed all of the recommended sessions. Throughout the course of your laser hair removal treatments, you will begin to notice that the amount of hair is gradually diminishing and so will the necessity to shave, wax, or pluck the treated areas. Contact Us for a Laser Hair Removal Consultation Today.



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