Smooth Out Wrinkles with Botox Injections in Puyallup, WA

Botox injections are a great way to help eliminate and reduce wrinkles. We have been offering Botox in the Puyallup, South Hill & Tacoma, WA area for many years and have had countless successful results.

Botox cosmetic can be an immediate way of looking much younger in less than a few days. This non-surgical procedure can help with confidence and dramatically reduce the look of age without any incisions, anesthesia or downtime.

In 2002, Botox received FDA approval for treatment of the glabellar wrinkles or frown lines in people ages 18 to 65. Since then, it has become the most popular injectable treatment. Millions of both men and women have received Botox injections, proving it works. These affordable and quick Botox treatments can erase fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing your face to bring back a more youthful appearance.

There is one official Botox product and it is manufactured by Allergan. Botox Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved prescription product that temporarily improves the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and moderate to severe crow’s feet in injections.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions below and then contact us today for a consultation for more information!

Why Choose Concordia Aesthetics for Botox Injections?

Dr. Ladie Arana-Domondon was recently voted among the ” Most loved injectors ” in 2017 by RealSelf and “Best Doctor of South Sound ” 2019, 2018, 2017, 2014.  She is an expert injector for Botox Cosmetic.  She provides the utmost care and listens carefully to the concerns of each patient in order to get the best results.

She has been treating wrinkles such as stubborn frown lines, crow’s feet and lines for years and is a leading injector in Western Washington.

Getting Botox requires a thorough assessment of wrinkles and creases. Once we do that, we can determine the ideal Botox treatment.  Text us for a complimentary consultation (253) 358-9360

Botox Injections – Before and After

Botox Injection - Before & After 1 - Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics
Botox Injection - Before & After 2 - Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics
Botox Injection - Before & After 4 - Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics
Botox Injection - Before & After 4 - Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics

What are Crow’s Feet and Frown Lines?

Crow’s Feet and Frown Lines are the most common form of wrinkles on your face that arrive with age. Generally, you will start to see them in your mid-twenties. They can make you look tired, mad and aged.

Botox was specifically approved FDA approved for the treatment of these types of wrinkles.

How Do I Know if Botox is Right for Me?

The best thing that you can do is visit us for a free consultation. We will assess your concerns and recommend the best treatment option for you. We can answer your questions and address any concerns about Botox. Our consultations are free and do not require treatment at that time.

How Much Do Botox Injections Cost?

Botox comes in 50 and 100 unit vials. A physician then has to administer a certain amount of units in facial areas depending on the severity and location of the creases and wrinkles.

At Concordia Aesthetics, we charge per unit and we regularly run new customer specials for those that are looking to try Botox for the first time.

For instance, for the wrinkles between your eyes, a treatment might vary from 10 to 30 units to eliminate wrinkles.

Another example would be eliminating your crow’s feet with Botox injections. In that case, a treatment might vary as well from 10 to 30 units.

Ultimately, our physician will evaluate your wrinkles and folds and make the best recommendation for treatment.

Botox Cosmetic for Injection - Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics

What is the Right Age for Botox?

We are often asked how young is too young for Botox? Most physicians will say between 20 and 25. For most people, wrinkles have yet to settle in at that age. However, once past that age, father time is reminding you that aging is happening. When you start to see wrinkles around your eyes, it’s a good time to visit Concordia Aesthetics for a consultation.

What is Getting Botox Injections Like?

Our physician will evaluate your wrinkles and creases. If you wish to move forward with the treatment, you can have it done at that time. As with all injections, there can be some discomfort with Botox injections but usually no pain afterwards. The treatment experience itself is pleasant as we take the utmost care with each and every patient.

Is There Any Downtime and Am I Able to Return to Work?

Most patients love Botox as it truly is the lunch time procedure. Although we don’t recommend any strenuous exercise or activity for one or two days, you are able to immediately return to work.

What is the Botox Brilliant Distinctions Program?

The Brilliant Distinctions { } program is one of the best ways to save money on your Botox. Prior to your consultation or treatment, enroll at the aforementioned website and please bring in your member number. You can also do this after the treatment. You will then begin to earn rewards for future treatments that can save you money.