Let us get you photo-ready with the same technique used in films, editorials and runways!

We all know that having a healthy, glowing “canvas” is the first step in achieving a radiant look- no secret there. But if you’re looking for that high definition, flawless finish, the search ends with airbrush makeup.

Instead of regular makeup, which often accentuates the blemishes we are trying to hide by hiding in our pores, wrinkles and other imperfections, airbrush makeup is finely distributed through a fine mist producing essentially a net of makeup over the face. This allows the airbrush makeup to be a thin, light layer on the skin that is barely noticeable to the wearer (or cameras!). Here at Concordia Star Med Aesthetics we use a silicone based airbrush makeup allows you to sweat, cry, or jump into the pool or water all without fading or smudging- perfect for all of life’s little moments. Airbrushing is the leading technique used for bridal and special events due to its flawless appearance and long-wear capability.

You take care of your skin, so why not add the cherry on top?

We offer three packages, highly customizable to the look you’re going for.

  • Day Time (30 minutes)    $65
  • Night Time (60 minutes)  $100
  • Dramatic (90 minutes)     $130
  • Pricing includes lashes with application
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