IPL PuyallupAs an aesthetic physician, I am always privy to the many new and up-and-coming technologies. I also know that when it comes to skin rejuvenation, nothing does the trick quite like what’s offered at the doctor’s office. Despite what’s trendy and groundbreaking, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL even though it’s often grouped into the laser category) has been tried-and-proven to have the staying power in the anti-aging arena.

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial?

Often known as a laser treatment, IPL effectively targets pigment concerns. Common areas of the body which can be treated with IPL include the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back of the arms and the legs. However, this treatment can effectively target just about anywhere on the body.

Among the different machines available for IPL Photofacial treatments, I have chosen the Elos technology. It has a combined bipolar radio-frequency and light energy (a dual benefit) that precisely and safely targets pigmented lesions such as — sun spots, freckles, and brown spots— this is also effective for rosacea, acne, broken capillaries and unwanted hair.

What does it treat?

At Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics, IPL is safe and effective in treating the following common skin concerns:

  • Brown and Red spots
  • Freckles
  • Sun Damage
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Broken Veins
  • Spider Veins

What is the treatment like in Puyallup?

We offer a package of 4-5 treatments (The Glow package). These treatments are spread 4-6 weeks apart and we alternate this with our signature dermal peel for optimal results. After about two to three treatments, the results will be noticeable, but many patients notice a difference even after the first treatment. With just a few IPL sessions, dark spots can improve dramatically. IPL feels like a hot bright light on the surface of the skin, similar to a bright flash being fired. IPL is also said to feel like a rubber band snap, too. The treatment is able to cover a large area and there is little or no downtime. A few days post-treatment, the treated pigmented areas become darker (like a coffee grind) before they naturally fall off and fade.


In addition, IPL also is a powerful tool for collagen production—it rejuvenates the skin from a textural standpoint. The addition of radio-frequency by the Elos technology truly enhances the treatment by precisely heating the dermal tissue allowing collagen production within the stimulated area.

We offer an enhanced collagen restoration treatment with the sublative RF energy. The sublative treatment can be added to Elos IPL for an even powerful anti-aging protocol (triniti protocol). This reduces moderate wrinkles and superficial imperfections of the skin tone and texture. The triniti protocol is a 2-hour procedure, it has a 2-day downtime with associated pink or red sunburn appearance that resolves in 48-72 hrs. This is our popular Friday treatment.

After IPL therapy patient’s skin looks younger and tighter, the effects are even better with the cumulative results throughout the treatment series. (IPL otherwise also known as Photofacial )

IPL Puyallup


If you would like to learn what IPL Photofacial can do for you, call or stop by Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics in Puyallup, WA today! What sets us apart from other aesthetic offices: We pride ourselves for being voted as the “Best Doctor of South Sound” in 2014, 2017 and 2017. in addition, our master aesthetician Kathy Johnson has 15 years of experience in laser / IPL operation.  Dr Ladie Arana-Domondon, MD. 

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Disclaimer: Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.