For decades, the face has been considered the most prominent feature of the human body. The motivation to alter its appearance for cosmetic purposes is not a new ideal, as people are striving for youthful-looking skin, in any way possible.

Autologous fat transfer has gained a more prominent place in facial rejuvenation over the last few years. The procedure has few and primarily minor complications, causing this method to have more interest than dermal fillers or other options. Fat transfer to your face can restore youthful vibrancy, helping to define your facial features and boost your self-esteem.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer:

  • Removes Fat from Unwanted Areas – Everyone has a stubborn area that we are not pleased with. During an autologous fat transfer procedure, we can harvest fat from that area, treating “two birds with one stone.”
  • Long-Lasting Results – Unlike injectable treatments that don’t last, fat transfer restores volume to your face and keeps it there. In many cases, this facial rejuvenation is permanent!
  • Cost-Effective – Because there is no need to continually repeat this procedure, facial fat transfers can be considerably more cost-effective than dermal fillers or other methods.
  • Naturalistic Effects – Replacing “fat with fat” can give you the most naturalistic results. The injected fat establishes new blood supply from your body, giving it a natural fullness and feel.

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