Laser Hair Removal Puyallup

What you need to know about laser hair removal

No matter what area of your body it grows on, unwanted hair can certainly be a chore to remove. Shaving and waxing can be painful and cause skin burns and ingrown hairs, and topical products can sometimes bring mixed results for different people.

There have been plenty of technological advances in the process of laser hair removal that have allowed it to become even more effective and convenient for patients. You’ll have smooth skin without irritation that will last for months before another removal appointment is needed. At Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics in Puyallup, WA, we use the ELOS system by Syneron, which also gives patients the convenience of no downtime and minimal side effects. Some patients have seen great results with as little as three treatment sessions.

There are very few risks with laser hair removal. After the treatment session, the skin area where it was done may feel like it’s been sunburned. Other possible side effects include swelling, redness, and scarring. However, there are no long-term health risks, nor any serious risks known or associated with laser hair removal.

Even though laser hair removal is a very effective procedure, there is still some preparation and homework involved on the part of patients. Firstly, be sure to avoid any tanning for about 4-6 weeks prior to your appointment. We advise you to cancel if you have tanned during this period, as it can cause burning and scarring in the treated area. Also avoid waxing, tweezing, bleaching, threading, or use of topical hair removal agents for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Shaving the area is fine. In fact, we advise you to wet-shave 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Do not worry about stubble when getting ready for your appointment. A small amount of hair growth is actually preferable when having laser hair removal done. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater and zinc oxide at least 20 minutes before being in the sun during the day. And finally, do not use any deodorant, lotion, cream, makeup, perfume, powder, or oil before your treatment, as they can obstruct or reflect the lasers.

If you’re looking for a better hair removal solution than shaving or waxing, call Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics of Puyallup, WA. We have patients from all throughout the Tacoma and South Hill areas. Our laser hair removal delivers!

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