Everyone dreads the day that they start to notice wrinkle lines. While it is natural to develop wrinkles with age, many do everything they can to maintain a full, wrinkle-free face for as long as possible. If your current skin care or facial products aren’t producing the results that you’re looking for, know that you’re not out of options.

Dermal fillers aid in crease and wrinkle reduction, while simultaneously restoring fullness and a youthful look back into your face. At Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics, we use microcannula needleless tips to administer these injections to smooth out those troublesome spots that make you feel less than your best. With microcannula tips, you won’t have to worry about a sharp needle-stick sensation; the tiny, thin, flexible, and hollow tubes have a smooth round tip at the end.

So, what exactly can dermal fillers do for you? Keep reading below to learn how these fillers can be used to help different areas of your face.


Many women feel displeased with the look of their lips. Full, “pouty” lips have been used to connote femininity. If you are ready to say goodbye to thin lips, dermal fillers can help!

Nasolabial Folds

Otherwise known as your smile lines, these are one of the first areas where wrinkles creep up. Dermal fillers can smooth out these creases while still leaving you with a natural smile.

Tear Troughs

No one likes baggy, dark circles under their eyes. With age, volume can be lost here, which creates a sunken appearance. However, fillers can bring back volume and give your eyes a restored look.

Cheek Volume

Like your eyes, your cheek structure and volume can slightly change over time. You may feel that your cheeks appear hollower and are missing that supple, youthful look. Dermal fillers can bring that natural appearance back.

Concordia Star Medical Aesthetics is in Puyallup, WA and offers dermal fillers to our patients. If you’re ready to restore your youthful glow, call our office to learn more or to set up an appointment.

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