An effective anti-aging regimen should tackle several skin problems at once. The problem is, you can’t squeeze the best skin-care ingredients—like retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids—into one bottle without causing a chemical reaction or serious irritation. Until now. Researchers at Skin Better Science have figured out a way to mix retinoids (which fade discoloration and kick up collagen production) with lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid that evens out skin tone and texture). Each active ingredient is encapsulated in its own bubbles, and those bubbles are linked together to create the new ethyl lactyl retinoate molecule. When you put the cream on, the water in your skin kick-starts a release of the active ingredients that’s gradual and gentle—but effective. “Lactic acid, a humectant and mild chemical peel, enhances the wrinkle reduction that comes from retinol,” says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. In fact, in company-sponsored studies, the formula was as effective at smoothing lines and fading discoloration as tretinoin (a prescription-strength retinoid) without causing irritation. “


Allure Best of Beauty 2016

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