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Moms get stressed, and we can see it on our faces and sometimes its not something that makeup can cover.  First timers are concerned about having that “frozen” face or “expressionless” look.  Today, most people opt for a more relaxed look to the face and lines surrounding your eyes and forehead.  The average procedure is relatively simple and over in less than 10 minutes, unless the patient prefers to numb the skin beforehand.

The typical areas patients want to inject Botox are between the eyebrows and maybe a little crow’s feet or the forehead. The number of units will differ depending on the muscle mass and depth of wrinkle, but most people, regardless of age, the effects of Botox will last between 2 months and 6 months with the average being 4 months. However, patients who are treated on a regular basis may experience an increase in the duration of the effect over time.

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